Fuelling the Mental Health Movement Together

A Pit Crew of inspiring individuals is building... A crew openly committed to supporting the mental health journey of themselves and others.

The project (launched 2022) offers continued support and renewable resources dedicated to helping individuals better understand and manage their own mental health, developing towards sharing those skills with others, together.

Becoming a PITSTOP.Social Ambassador

Becoming a PITSTOP.Social ambassador means much more than promoting the brand… To advocate with us, means to actively support the mental health message. 

PITSTOP.Social ambassadors are committed to developing our mission:
Action, Impact, Awareness
for better Mental Health.

What's an Ambassador?

  • PITSTOP.Social Ambassadors will:

    💚 Actively listen without judgement

    💚 Highlight appropriate support networks, resources, services and information

    💚 Help explore different options and approaches to improving others’ mental health

    💚 Encourage communications with charity; SHOUT (text SHOUT 85258 anytime)

  • PITSTOP.Social Ambassadors will NEVER:

    ❌ Never give personal opinions or advice to others in distress, unless requested

    ❌ Never discuss any private, sensitive, or personal information, unless an emergency

    ❌ Never ignore concerning behaviour, ALWAYS talk to the lead advocate for advice

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    Want to Get Involved?

    To find out more about becoming a PITSTOP.Social Ambassador, you can reach out to Clare - there are no limitations!

    Join the Ambassador Project 

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