What's the Ambassador Project?

The Ambassador project (launched 2022) was created to fuel mental health awareness from within the community, supporting those who want to support others.

A PITSTOP.Social ambassador is an advocate for mental health awareness, an individual supporting the mental health of themselves and others.

Becoming a PITSTOP.Social Ambassador

Becoming a PITSTOP.Social ambassador means much more than promoting the brand… To advocate with us, means to actively support the mental health message. 

PITSTOP.Social ambassadors are committed to developing our mission:
Action, Impact, Awareness
for better Mental Health.

What's an Ambassador?

  • PITSTOP.Social Ambassadors will:

    💚 Actively listen without judgement

    💚 Highlight appropriate support networks, resources, services and information

    💚 Help explore different options and approaches to improving others’ mental health

    💚 Encourage communications with charity; SHOUT (text SHOUT 85258 anytime)

  • PITSTOP.Social Ambassadors will NEVER:

    ❌ Never give personal opinions or advice to others in distress, unless requested

    ❌ Never discuss any private, sensitive, or personal information, unless an emergency

    ❌ Never ignore concerning behaviour, ALWAYS talk to the lead advocate for advice

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    Want to Get Involved?

    To find out more about becoming a PITSTOP.Social Ambassador, you can reach out to Clare - there are no limitations!

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