More than just an automotive apparel brand, we at PITSTOP.Social are a driving force for change in the world of mental health.

Join us on our journey as we rev up the conversation, accelerate awareness, and steer towards a brighter future for those navigating mental health challenges.

Explore our exclusive range of automotive apparel, join our growing online community, and get subscribed for exciting events that fuel our mission.

Together, we are fuelling positive change for mental health.

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We firmly embrace the potential of open conversation, exchange of knowledge, and active engagement in motorsport to enhance well-being and support mental health. That's why we are fostering positive social connections alongside motorsport events.


Transparent donations from events, shop proceeds, and other PITSTOP.Social Projects, support Mental Health Innovations Charity Service SHOUT (85258)



All PITSTOP.Social Projects are driven towards better mental health, achieved through conversation, sharing of resources, social connection and continued support. 


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