Proud Partnerships

celebrating our partners

Welcome to our brand-new dedicated space where we celebrate the incredible alliances that share in our mission towards better mental health

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Fostering a Unified Front

Mental health is a cause that touches every corner of society, and it's a cause that demands collective action. Through our partnerships, we are forging a unified front; a coalition of like-hearted organisations, advocates, and individuals who stand together to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Celebrating Every Contribution

Our Partnership Page is a heartfelt tribute to the incredible partners who help fuel the journey towards better mental health. We are proud to showcase the diversity of talent, expertise, and creativity that enriches our automotive community, and the impactful ways in which each partner contributes to the cause. We believe that every effort, no matter how small, brings us one step closer to a more compassionate world.

Diverse Community Support

Mental health is about more than labels and treatment, it's about well-being. Our collaborations are considered with this at heart, marking out diverse routes to improve overall well-being. Our Partnership Page is an invitation - to our existing partners, to potential collaborators, and to all who share in the journey towards better mental health - to join us in nurturing these connections and exploring the endless possibilities they hold.

  • Formula Gymkhana

    We've teamed up with Formula G, the UK's hottest Gymkhana race series!

  • Shadow Sport

    Social Sprint Days with Shadow Sport, building skills on and off the track

  • Carfectionery Round Logo Pink 2023


    A collaborative commitment to driving positive mental health through automotive apparel!