Fuelling The Movement


The PITSTOP.Social mission is built around driving action, fuelling impact, and sparking awareness for the mental health continuum and all of its often hidden challenges...

Fuelling the daily message that every one of us benefits from a regular PITSTOP on lifes long journey. Check in on yourself and the world around you; PITSTOP.Social.

We're Currently Fuelling SHOUT

Every PITSTOP.Social Project Fuels the Conversation

💚 10 - 100% of Shop proceeds
💚 10 - 100% of Event proceeds
💚 100% of Community donations 

Every £10 can help someone in distress to access an hour of mental health support

Every £25 can fund a clinician to provide expert supervision of conversations on SHOUT's digital mental health platform

Every £250 can train a volunteer to take life-saving conversations with people needing immediate support

JustGiving Fundraiser

Social Events and Activities

From our carefully curated Mental Health Meets, to Car Shows and Motorsport Socials, the events we attend and create all centre around our commitment to mental health, fostering a sense of community and support for all.

Every Mental Health Meet held by PITSTOP.Social (and many of the others we attend) support charities that fuel an important conversation, detailed further in each unique event.

See what's on in 2024!

PITSTOP.Social Events

Online Social Group

A safe space to develop likeminded social circles and friendships exploring PITSTOP.Social experiences.

Welcome to a new, community driven social group, fuelling the mental health movement through shared automotive interests.

PITSTOP.Social Facebook Community
Mental Health Support and Resources Men Talking Cars

Fuelling the Mental Health Movement Together

A Pit Crew of inspiring individuals is assembling... A crew openly committed to supporting the mental health journey of themselves and others.

The project (launched 2022) offers continued support and renewable resources dedicated to helping individuals better understand and manage their own mental health, developing towards sharing those skills with others, together. Find out more...

Ambassador Project

PITSTOP.Social Shop

Driving the message of mental health beyond automotive social circles, the shop introduces physical tools and daily reminders to promote the conversation, boosting the mental health movement.

A transparent donation from every item is received by the registered charity (currently twice per year) contributing towards their provision of free, confidential, anonymous support.

2021-2024 SHOUT
2024- 2025 TBC

PITSTOP.Social Shop
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PS, A Mental Health Blog

We know that change is difficult, requiring support, encouragement, and often, a daily reminder to look after yourself during the process.

is the message at the core of every PITSTOP.Social Project, a message we are driving throughout the automotive community.

Visit the PS Blog for insightful, self-composed and fully referenced articles towards better mental health.

PS Articles