Our Story


Facing adversity, fighting depression, anxiety, and amidst many varying mental health diagnoses... Our PITSTOP.Social journey began when we met in Autumn '20, during the life altering events of the global pandemic.

Heavily involved within the automotive community for more than a decade, I was intrigued and bewildered to discover a passionate fellow petrol-head who had never attended a car meet.

Ricky and I connected through his creative design at Carfectionery, a relationship that quickly developed from a marketing enquiry into a co-navigation of life. Our mental health challenges and related social anxieties were (and very much remain) a commonly explored topic, partially significant to his previous lack of automotive social exploration.

It was one evening in Spring '21, discussing the difficulties of toxic social groups and the general decline of our mental health in relation, that we recognised a quietly growing demand for change within ourselves... a change reflected by the community.

By the time my academic studies were complete, a solution became inevitable. Profoundly influenced by and deeply rooted within the automotive community, PITSTOP.Social is now a primary, personal project that offers me purpose, hope and connection every day.

Together, we combine our creative skills with our desire to be, see, and create change towards better mental health.

Two years on from our first engagement, I am grateful to be pursuing this very fulfilling journey, fuelling the mental health movement alongside my partner, PITSTOP.Social's co-founder, and oh so humble sponsor ๐Ÿ’š

Thank you for stopping in

Clare & Ricky x

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