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PS (Mental) Burnouts Aren't Cool Hoodie

PS (Mental) Burnouts Aren't Cool Hoodie

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A burnout might initially appear as a dramatic display of control and power, but it’s also an extreme use of the vehicle's resources that isn’t typically necessary. It’s visually captivating, yes, but ultimately hard on the car. Similarly, in life, people can push themselves to the limit to showcase strength, achieve goals, or maybe just to get through the week, often at the expense of their mental and physical health.

This parallel draws a clear line between the adrenaline-fueled moments of car-culture and the often invisible, yet equally intense, pressures of daily life.

Wearing "Burnouts Aren't Cool" is about expressing care for yourself and others, promoting a message of sustainability over speed, of well-being over wear and tear. It's not just clothing, it's a catalyst for change.

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🇬🇧 Designed and Produced in-house on Demand
🍃Our Mid-Weight Spring Collection '24
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  • Large message rear print
  • Front chest design
  • Small shoulder logo
  • Brushed inner fleece
  • Cosy double fabric hood
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester


📐 All measurements are approximate
⬆️ We recommend a size up for an oversized fit

XS: 34" Chest
36" Chest
40" Chest
44" Chest
48" Chest
52" Chest
56" Chest


📦 Made in House, on Demand
💚 Free UK Delivery, with Love
🛠️ Please Allow Approx 5 Working Days
📨 You'll Receive an e-mail + Tracking upon Despatch


This isn't just a clothing line; it's a movement, and we want you to be a part of it. Every purchase across the store fuels the engine of change, supporting mental health initiatives and driving the conversation forward - 10% of proceeds from this product are donated to SHOUT (85258) Read more about our fundraising projects here...