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Fuel Up Tour 2023 Mental Health T-Shirt

Fuel Up Tour 2023 Mental Health T-Shirt

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Introducing our brand-new, meticulously crafted Tour Tee design, created to make a powerful statement while embracing the utmost comfort. Made from super soft cotton, this extraordinary piece of wearable conversation is designed and produced in-house, resulting in unmatched quality and attention to detail.

At the heart of this striking band tee-inspired design that's sure to turn heads, is a profound dedication to mental health awareness. We believe in the transformative power of conversation and self-care, which is why this new design showcases a thought-provoking mental health message with the aim to uplift and inspire.

This unique tee serves as a practical guide to uplift your spirits when clouds loom overhead. Each item on the list, carefully curated from personal experiences, offers a tried-and-true method to combat those moments of melancholy. 

Join us in starting conversations, breaking stigmas, and inspiring hope, all while enjoying the utmost comfort of this super soft cotton creation. Order yours today and become a catalyst for positive change.

Featuring full colour chest logo and sleeve detailing 💚

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🇬🇧 Designed and produced in-house
👕 Full colour print on pure cotton garms
🔥 Fuelled by Carfectionery

• 100% pure ring-spun cotton
• Twin needle sleeves & hem
• Seamless, long-line body
• Genderless fit


📐 All measurements are approximate
👕 Clothing true to size

(Length) X (Width) X (Sleeve Length)

𝗦: 71cm X 45.7cm X 40cm
𝗠: 74.3cm X 50.8cm X 43.2cm
𝗟: 76.8cm X 56cm X 46.4cm
𝗫𝗟: 79.4cm X 61cm X 49.5cm
𝟮𝗫𝗟: 82.6cm X 66cm X 52.7cm
𝟯𝗫𝗟: 85cm X 71cm X 56cm


💚 Made in-house on demand
📦 Free UK delivery in 3-5 days


10% of all proceeds are donated to SHOUT (85258) Remaining profits are reinvested into PITSTOP.Social Projects, fuelling further Action, Impact and Awareness around the Mental Health Movement. Check out our Instagram for more (mobile view only)