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Pitstop Social Premium Vibes Holographic Car Sticker

Pitstop Social Premium Vibes Holographic Car Sticker

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I don't know about yours, but my car runs best on '99...
My mind performs best when I've been kind to myself, too.

(Some things that include being kind to yourself can be resting, sleeping, spending time outdoors, socialising, consuming nutritious substances, self-care, cleaning, movement...) 

Put the premium stuff in for best results

These iridescent fuel inspired shiny-bois measure up at roughly 2.5" x 2.5" 

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✨ Rainbow Effect
✨ Holographic Finish
✨ Clear Gloss Over Laminate
✨ Scratch - Fade - Water Resistant


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10% of all proceeds are donated to SHOUT (85258) Remaining profits are reinvested into PITSTOP.Social Projects, fuelling further Action, Impact and Awareness around the Mental Health Movement. You can read more about our fundraising projects here...